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Building Names

Naming buildings, facilities, spaces, centers, institutes, programs and other properties and functions of Northern Michigan University have become increasingly significant due to the growing importance of private giving and the value of naming gifts for institutional advancement. For this reason, and because of the longevity of named buildings, facilities, spaces, programs and functions, and the need to maintain the integrity of NMU’s values and public image, a relatively predictable, published process has been established for considering such gifts. At the same time, each naming opportunity and gift has a different context, and the University must remain flexible enough to accommodate special funding opportunities.


In the case of donations for buildings, facilities, spaces, programs, properties and functions, the items designated with the name of a donor or designee shall be consistent with the donor’s wishes and commensurate with the magnitude of the gift. Except in unusual circumstances, it is expected that naming a building, facility, space, program or property for a donor or designee will not be considered unless the gift covers:

  • In the case of a new building or facility, approximately 50% of the private support portion of the costs of the new building or facility. Naming gifts for new buildings or facilities that are substantially State financed will be handled on a case-by-case basis;
  • In the case of an existing building or facility, approximately 25% of the building’s or facility’s replacement costs, as determined by the University;
  • In the case of an addition to, or a substantial renovation of, an existing building or facility, approximately 50% of the cost of the addition or renovation.


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