A New Giving Day...Coming April 18, 2024


NMU students

A day to show your Wildcat pride!

Inspired by Northern Michigan University's Charter in April 1899, NMU will launch a new Giving Day on April 18, 2024. A day to celebrate the collective power of giving back. A day to remember what binds us.

Get ready to...

  • Help the departments, programs and teams you love.
  • Move student-centered projects forward
  • Support campus community initiatives.
  • Give back to our amazing students!
Dr. Brock Tessman, NMU President

"I am inspired by, and grateful for, the generous support our alumni and friends provide students of Northern Michigan University. Participation on Giving Day is yet another way in which our NMU community demonstrates a strong, ongoing commitment to Northern and a passion for championing current and future NMU students, faculty and staff."

Dr. Brock Tessman

NMU President

NMU students with the Wildcat Statue on campus
NMU Giving Day, April 18, 2024